Monday, May 7, 2007

Tim-Math-Y's DEV

Glad I'm done! Enjoy!


Lani said...

Hi Tim-Math-Y,

Your presentation has a real professional touch! The titles and context for each of your questions add to the quality.

I really like your phrases, "The most beautiful thing is curiosity." and especially "Learning at a Different Perspective". I think you've touched on something really important here when you continue that learning from a different perspective helps one to think and learn at a different level. Have you had an opportunity to experience this before? Do you think this realization will affect how you learn in the future?

Best wishes,

Tim_MATH_y said...

Hi Lani!

Thank you for the comments =), they're greatly appreciated.

I think that I have indeed learned at different perspectives throughout my life but not in the same way as this project has demonstrated. This project really brought that phrase (Learning at a Different Perspective) to another level, considering the depth that I had to go through to actually teach these concepts via annotations.

Yes, I believe that realizing this will affect my learning in the future. It's not that I'll be making projects like these in the future just to improve my understanding but more of, thinking outside the box, viewing a concept at a different angle to find insight.

Thanks again,