Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nadiya's DEV Project

OK, I am finished my DEV finally. Please excuse any Grammer or Spelling errors. The spell check on freewebs doesn't like my computer and so i couldn't fix that. So I will fix that on Tuesday, sometime.


--> CLICK HERE <-- to get to my DEV PROJECT

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Lani said...

Hi Nadiya,

My brain didn't melt! But it came pretty close! As a learner, your spy theme really kept my interest, particularly with problems dealing with communication, cars, and homes!

As I read through your annotations, I felt that you were right by my side, assisting me with my understanding. The problems were realistic, complex, and challenging!

You mentioned in your reflection that you now have a better understanding and that you won't do badly on your exam. But did you get over your fear of probability? :-)

Congratulations on your hard work and creativity!

My very best wishes,

BTW, are you a panda person? I like them.