Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jhay-ar's D.E.V




Lani said...

Hi Jhay-ar!

Every teacher knows when they've picked the right context for a problem; student laughs, and "wows" fill the room! That happened here in Chardon, Oh just 40 miles east of Cleveland when I read your LeBron problem! BTW, he drives a Hummer! :-) And after last nights' winning game against Detroit, your problem was extra special!

Kudos on your presentation. You've created thoughtful, engaging questions with appropriate graphics and detailed explanations of how! I found your movie in question one so very helpful in developing my understanding. That format struck me as particularly effective in teaching.

In your reflection you say that this project was helpful as your learned to "chunk" questions to make it easier to solve (another good teaching strategy). How do you think completing this presentation may affect how you learn in the future? Or not?


jhay-ar said...

Thanks for the comment....im all in for cleveland also!! haha...btw this project has help me alot in understanding questions more clearly. I also learned, as i have said in my post, organizing questions and informations can really help on understanding the porblem. this project was very helpful to us students and specialy for those who are learning from our work. I, myself even learned a thing or two by reading my clasmates post.