Monday, May 7, 2007

Al Andrei's DEV Project

Click Here to view my DEV project.


Lani said...

Hi Al Andrei,

I really like your basketball theme! Although I'm a bit hurt that you have not included the CAVS (they are currently winning in the second round of the playoffs you know and I'm from the Cleveland area) Sorry, I just had to add that-- :-) The basketball and superman context really maintain your learners' interest!

I'm wondering can you be more specific about the few things you learned along the way? How was this project of value to you in your learning? Or was it?


Al Andrei said...

Hi Ms. Lani,
I really appreciate your comments on my DEV project. I'm glad to know that I am able to maintain the readers interest through the topics that I used to create my 4 questions. I'm sorry for not including the CAVS in any of my questions, they are a really great team, it's just that Heat, Lakers, and Warriors are my 3 favorite teams in the NBA right now.

Some things that I've learned along the way of creating this project is to manage my time correctly. I also had to review the slides that we made in class in all of the 4 units that I made questions on before I make my solutions, because I had to make sure that all my solutions are correct. So that helped me clarify some things that I was confused with when we were still learning them in class.

Thanks again...~(_8^(])