Monday, May 21, 2007

Brittany's D.E.V

Hello everyone here's my Developing Expert voices project, wow a lot of work. But my pictures don't want to show the website is not cooperating with me, so the completed one will be posted as soon as possible. Sorry:(


Mr. H said...

Hi Brittany. I think you have a broken link here.

Mr. H
Sargent Park School

Brittany said...

Hello Mr.H
Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I didn't even realize that I missed an "s" in the website.
But feel free to check it out now:)


Lani said...

Hi Brittany!

Your problems on your project are great ones, with a meaningful real world context! And I really like your tagline--"A Fun Way to Learn Math Online".

You mentioned trouble with your graphics in question 1. Hope this might be helpful! Did you make sure you stored them in the same folder as the files for your project before uploading them. It appears the computer is looking in the wrong place for the first image. For the second, you've used a bmp graphic. Only gif and jpg images appear on the web. You can covert the format to gif or jpg if your open the bmp image in paint and do a "save as" to a gif or jpg format.

I'm really interested in your answers to the questions in your conclusion; will you be answering them?

Best wishes,