Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jennifer's DEV Project

Yay, I'm done. Sorry it's like a minute late


Lani said...

Hi Jennifer,

Unemployment, raising a family,and math tests! What great context for your math problems, adding to the quality of your project!

The background for your slideshows is so appropriate and professional! You've kept my interest with your problems and your clearly noted solutions and annotations!

Kudos on taking a risk by challenging yourself and look what you discovered as a result! Wow!

You mentioned that one way the project was valuable to you was that you learned from your classmates' projects. I'm wondering if you found that more valuable than what you learned about yourself?

My very best wishes,

Jennifer P said...

Hi lani,

Well I've found learning from my classmate and learning about myself during the process this project were both valuable to me. After this project, I kind of feel like an "expert" in those types of questions. Hehe. And not only did this project help me in math class, it helped me in other classes too. I learned a lot of valuable skills like how to use my time, and organize my work. It was stressing, but FUUUN.