Friday, May 11, 2007


Oh My Goodness!!! I finally, finally, finally finished my project!
Well, here it is, over 60 hours of headaches and hand-cramps:


Enjoy! :D


Lani said...

Hi Craig,

I'd say the "over 60 hours of headaches and hand-cramps" were very, very well spent in creating an exceptional project! From the introductory letter to the reader, to the real world context that framed all of your problems, to the extraordinary organization in your solutions (in particular question 4) that scaffolded your readers' learning, to the thoughtful reflection, and to the generous dedications-- each piece added to the excellence of your project!

I'm wondering about your comment in your reflection when you suggest a better way might be for the student "or the teacher to set dates for certain pieces of the project". Why do you think Mr. K. chose not to do this? Could it have anything to do with your developing an expert voice?

My very best wishes,

«Craig» said...

hmmm, good question. Probably because we should be doing it individually, but I know it is natural for many students to prioritize in order of due date. So it might help some people get the foundation of the project set early and then allow them to pick at it at will.