Friday, May 4, 2007

John D.'s DEV

YES! I'm so glad I'm finally done the project! I can now hand in my job application! Haha! This was a fun project though.


Lani said...

Hi John,

I love Dr. D, your WAIT, his email and your learner being graduated from a top notch university! That context adds to your project which was user friendly to navigate. You obviously spent significant effort in your annotations.

You mentioned in your reflection that you had been intimidated by Graeme's project and that it then motivated you. How might your project and learning been impacted if this project had been more traditional and you hadn't had access to others' projects?

Best wishes,

John D. said...

Hi Lani!

Thanks for the comment, greatly appreciated.

To answer you question, if I hadn't had access to others' projects, I wouldn't know how much I've learned compared to others and I'd feel like my project's not up to par with others. Graeme's project was really, really good and I felt like I wouldn't be able to at least match the caliber of his project. But then when I thought about it, it kinda motivated me to do my best in this project. In the end it didn't really matter if my project was up to par with Graeme's, all that mattered was I did my very best in this project.

Thanks much,