Friday, May 18, 2007

jOweLL's DEV Project

yEs!.. finally im done........ :D

I had a hard time thinking of how to come up with those problems and to solve them as well. Hope you find them challenging enough as I did..... :p


Lani said...

Hi jOweLL,

Your problems are professionally presented and clean and crisp looking! Very nicely done! In addition, the buns and bagels, the Canadian troopers, the road trip, and Michael's dilemna are very appropriate real world challenges!

I'm curious, do you feel your project is of value to your learning and if so, how?

My very best wishes,

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hi Jowell, I just looked at your slideshows on slideshare, they've already been viewed 22 times each!

I'm going to hold off on marking your work until you publish your answers to the reflection questions.

Look at the assignment under the Summary section (c).