Monday, April 23, 2007

Sandy's DEV Project

So here it is. It's not exactly positioned the way it should be, but Slideshare kept doing that to me. So this is it, it's finished. This should due for now until I find something better to use. (:


I know this is actually kind of late but I forgot all about it since I've been caught up in other things. Well honestly, this project hasn't really benefited me in any way. I did my questions like any other questions that we did on tests, pretests, quizzes and in the exercises. In other words, they were Journey person questions. So it didn't really teach me anything I didn't know. If I was taking this course next year maybe then I would've tried to go for the Expert level questions. But I wasn't about to push myself this semester to do something like that. The only reason is because I had other projects to do that I put above this project. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun project. We were able to use our creativity and computer skills to make math questions into something more interesting and at the same time, teach people. I think I could have done better on this project if it was the only thing I had to worry about. I also find it hard to keep slides to a minimum amount of text. It's hard when you're trying to teach someone over the computer and at the same time keep the text small so they won't get bored and leave. In person, it's a lot easier. Another this is, I think I would've enjoyed this project being done by hand. I like those kind of projects more than computer ones. Just a little idea for maybe later on. I think we can express more creativity with things on paper rather than on the computer. Not everyone is as good at computers as others. So maybe there should have been a choice given? Honestly, I think I would've had more fun cutting and pasting things onto paper for this project, but that's me. Anyway... overall I think the project was a pretty good idea, it just kind of came at a bad time, but it's good!


Lani said...

Hi Sandy,

My name is Lani and I like purple too! The background of your presentation is so appropriate and professional looking!

You are a good teacher using techniques that many teachers spend years acquiring! The context you provided in your first and last questions kept me engaged. As a student I appreciate you shaping my learning. First you explained thoroughly and then suggested you were going a bit faster. You were encouraging and suggested I "try it again just for practice", and you reminded me of the helpful strategies for remembering: "remember great wall of china", "biggering smallering game" and "stretches before translations". Very very nicely done!

Now that it's finished, what is your reaction to this kind of project? How did completing this affect your learning?

Best wishes,

context in your first and last questions

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Sandy, this looks like a great project!

I'm going to hold off grading it until you publish your reflection. You can just add it in as text on this post, underneath the slide show.