Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hello everyone! My due date for this DEV is tomorrow [30th] but I thought that I'd just post this now so I don't forget.
Here is the link to my DEV:
Hope it's good enough for you. Enjoy, thanks.


Grey-M said...

Your last questions rocks! Literally! I'm pretty sure you rock too but just to be safe I'll ask Craig to confirm.

aichelle s. said...

oh my lol thanks Graeme YOU ROCK...haha

Vincent said...


aichelle s. said...

thanks Vincent =)

Lani said...

Hi Aichelle,

Grey-M is absolutely right! Question 4 is definitely a winner; a perfect way to pull in your learners by creating a context that is personalized just for them. This is just one of your very many special touches in your project-- your including "What is DEV?"; your very professional, clean, easy to navigate interface; your guestbook; your creativity (colors, butterflies, the band audition poster). Your graphics and graphs add to the understanding of the content as do your carefully noted explanations. Wow!

I'm wondering about your comment in your reflection: "I am not the most intelligent person but from this DEV I have learned what I am capable of doing." I am wondering if you aren't being far too critical in the first phrase? And now that you've had a chance to step back and reflect even more on what you've done, how you would re-evaluate what you're capable of? Or not?

Congratulations on a project exceptionally well done!!


aichelle s. said...

Hello Lani,
Thank you so much for all your comments. I think it's great that we have you as a mentor because feedback from other people makes me feel like what we're doing is making a difference. About the statement I made "I am not the most intelligent person but from this DEV I have learned what I am capable of doing.", well I think if you ask my friends they would say I am far too critical on myself. I think it is because I am a perfectionist and I strive for excellence. Now that I've had a chance to step back and reflect even more on what I've done, I feel that I am capable of doing a satisfactory job (maybe more) but I also feel there is always room to make improvements.

Lani said...

Hi Aichelle,

I just had to respond! Of course what you are doing is making a difference (and it may not be all today or this week but in months ahead)! That's what happens when teaching--

And of course there is always room for improvements! And I totally can relate to striving for excellence. I'm guessing we're very much alike in this respect. So from one who always very critically assesses everything she does and often fails to realistically see its value, here's what I try. I attempt to view what I do as a journey: "Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb."
--Sir Winston Churchill

That sometimes helps me be able to reflect at times and realistically say, "Hmm, I did that? That is good!"

And you know what, you were FAR more than satisfactory in your project! Take joy in your climb thus far!


aichelle s. said...

Hello again Ms. Lani,
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you responded and that what we're doing is making a difference or will make a difference in the future. It's nice to know that you and I can relate on the same level of striving for excellence. The quote you placed in your comment is really empowering. I read it with a smile on my face and realized that it is true. So, the next time I evaluate myself or reflect upon myself I will remember that quote and I will definitely take the joy in my next climb. Thanks again for the words of encouragement and being a great mentor.

e said...


Good job! As everybody, I love the last story problem. All the problems are pretty neat. I have one questions and one suggestion. In the third problem I couldn't figure out where 1296 degrees came from. Also, is there an easier and quicker way to find a, the distance from the boulder man to the boulder? And about the suggestion, you were very creative with colors and form, and you made great backgrounds to your slides. In the second question though it was rather hard to see the work since the problem was in black, and the background was dark. If you chose white, as you did for the other text, it'd be much easier to read.

Very nice job!

oh, and nobody is the most intelligent person, except for the most intelligent person :) I think we're all in good company.

aichelle s. said...

Hello e,
Thank you for your comment. I'd also like to thank you for noticing that I left a bit of information regarding the 1296 degrees. I will be editting that and my slides to make it more clear when viewing my identity question. The 1296 degrees comes from the 3.6 rotations X 360 degrees. =) Once again thank you!