Monday, April 9, 2007

Developing Expert Voices; Ivy's Project

HELLO!!! People it's April 9, 2007 and it's my due date for my D.E.V.

So Click Here**** to go to my project hopefully it's good enough.

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Lani said...

Hi Ivy,

You should never worry about good enough when you give your very best!

I like "I'm learning math"! Your website is easy to navigate and really gives your reader an opportunity to work out the problems prior to seeking the answers!

I'm wondering that I didn't see your reflection? Did I miss it? Your answers to the questions:
• Why did you choose the concepts you did to create your problem set?
• How do these problems provide an overview of your best mathematical understanding of what you have learned so far?
• Did you learn anything from this assignment? Was it educationally valuable to you? (Be honest with this. If you got nothing out of this assignment then say that, but be specific about what you didn't like and offer a suggestion to improve it in the future.)

I'd be really interested in what you have to say-