Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jann's DEV Project

Hello everyone! I've finally finished my project. I hope it has no mistakes. XD

Question 1: The "Super" Worried Father

A worried father keeps walking around in circles, waiting for his son to call home. Because he was so worried he can do 38.2 revolutions every 2 minutes from the point where the phone is (humanly impossible). Assume he walks in a constant rate. His farthest distance from the phone is 3.4 meters. Determine circular distance when he was 2.4 meters away from the phone when it rang. Assume that he started at the phone.

Question 2: Mike's Pizza Party

Mike decided to have a party at his house. He ordered two 14" pizzas for his party. He wanted it to be divided into 17 equal slices since its his favorite number. His friends love pizza so much. There will be 20 people for his party. He doesn't know how big would these slices will be. Find the area of a slice and find out how many different ways can his guests could have a slice. After all the guests got their slice, Mike would allow seconds. (He doesn't care who gets what slice since they're all equal)

Question 3: Leo the Lion's Great Marathon

Leo decided to have a big race for his kingdom. They will be using a circular track, where the "Great Tree" is a point on the outer-most track. This will be the starting point. Leo was worried that he might lose to the other contestants. He consulted his friend Shane the Snake, his trustworthy adviser. Shane estimated that the lanes are 1.2 meters away from each other. There will be 3 contestants in the 4-lane track. The diameter of the whole track is 125 meters.

Few days before the race, Leo and Shane went to the track and did some test runs. They realized that the lanes have different obstacles on the way. Shane said that Leo can do:

2.6 revolutions every 5 minutes on the 1st lane
1.7 revolutions every 3 minutes on the 2nd lane
3.8 revolutions every 2 minutes on the 3rd lane
2.3 revolutions every 5 minutes on the 4th lane

Which lane will make sure that Leo will do his best run? How many different ways would the other contestants pick their lanes, assuming they don't know that the lanes have obstacles? What would be the formula for Leo's choice of lane?

This is a diagram of the situation...
Now that we know the number of ways, we could find a formula for Leo's choice of lane, lane 3.
Question 4: Chemical X Problem

Chemical X contains a certain bacteria that allows it to grow exponentially. The chemists recorded that the chemical was 10.58mL after an hour. Since these chemists are lazy, they stopped gathering information after this first hour. If they had 10mL to start with, predict the how long it would take for the chemical to be 17mL.

I really gave a lot of time to do this project. For me, it's pretty hard to think of a question. I thought it would be a piece of cake. The hard part is, I don't know if this is really an "expert" level project in other's point of view. At least I followed the rubric with the best of my abilities.

I hope everything is A-OK. Great day everyone! =D

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Lani said...

Hi Jann,

The "super" worried father, Mike's party, and Leo's marathon really added to your presentation as did your diverse strategies for presenting the solutions! As a teacher that is important to help with every student's learning! And in questions 1,2, and 4 you really encouraged your learners to work on solutions first before seeking the answer! Nicely done!

You indicated that it is difficult for you to assess the quality of your project. I'm wondering what you feel might help you assess your "expertness"?

Best wishes,