Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dino's DEV Project

Hello it is Monday April 23rd and today is may due date for my DEV Project. I will not keep you waiting, so here it is, I hope you like it:

This is my project from slideshare, it is in slide form, if you want the full screen version here it is.

If you would like to listen to the questions as you are reading them or working on the problems, here is the link.

Here is the same project, only in movie form.

To see the actual video, because this video may be hard for some people to see here it is at

I hope you had enjoyed my DEV project!


Lani said...

Hi Dino,

You are such a good teacher. You have addressed all your reader's learning modalities with your movie, the podcasts, and the text! Well done!

I appreciated your effort in creating a context for your problems. It's so good to see your increased appreciation for your teachers as they work to create those contexts as often as they can.

It seems to me that your hike over Mt. Everest has been most rewarding and successful and I venture to say that you can't use the label "computer illiterate" again--

I'm curious, did you participate in the development of the rubric for your project? And how did the rubric influence your personal project's development, if at all?

Best wishes,

Dino said...

Hi Lani,

Sorry I did not respond earlier, I was just very busy and I did not visit the DEV blog since I had posted on the 23rd. To answer your question, I did not participate in the ruberic of the project because all the points I had wanted to bring forth to the table were already brought forth by other students in the class. The answer to your second question is that the rubric did not influence me at all, except for the presentation part of the project, that is why I added the video and the podcasts, other the that my project was not influenced, because I had originally planned to post my project on slideshare like I had done. I found the project to be very successful.