Sunday, April 29, 2007

VINCENT's Developing Expert Voices Project

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN UPDATED. I'm just so glad this is off my shoulders now! I hope I met the requirements that the EXPERT category wants out of me...



aichelle s. said...

I really love your blog. Good job Vincent. I LOVE LOVE the colours =) Great Effort!!!

Lani said...

Hi Vincent,

Your blog banner and introduction are so inviting! You mentioned in your introduction "it was so painful"; isn't there an old saying "no pain, no gain" that played out in full this time as you mention in your reflection you learned TONS?

I love Mr. Awtaporuk! and your encouraging your students (got it? that's good!)in Comlog's Fiasco. You've carefully chunked out your explanations in your slides and other annotations, providing good scaffolding for your learners.

In your reflection you say: "I've learned that no one can ever achieve Expert." Do you think first, that aspire might be a better word and secondly,it because of a flaw or might it be the result of a deeper understanding of complex concepts?

Now that you've reflected on all you've learned ("I know some of these things will be embedded in my mind."), is the following still true? "the ultimate wish I have is to get a satisfactory grade on this" Or can you now that you've finished, put aside a bit of the stress and pain, and see what you've learned as the ultimate?!

Kudos on a great project, Vincent!

Best wishes,

Vincent said...

Hey Lani! Thanks a lot! Yeah, maybe I also struggled with the how I phrased some sentences in my reflection! It is hard to have English as a second language! Well, you are abolutely right! Right at this moment, I can say that the ultimate wish I have is that people learn as much from this project as much as I did! This has lifted a lot of wait off my shoulders. Now that I have finished such a project, I can conclude that everyone aspires to be an Expert, especially me. This is because I've gone through the understanding of each of the questions I had put together. To correct myself further, I think A LOT of things will be embedded in my mind upon the development and accomplishment of this project. For that comment, I thank you very much!