Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MrSiwWy's DEV

Yay! I'm finally finished my DEV! I hope everything is okay and there's no mistakes or anything =/ I worked more than extremely hard on this... )= sleep deprived to the max. Well I hope my DEV is at least up to par, if not I wasted a looot of time =/ Well here is the link to my DEV blog... enjoy! I guess...


Lani said...
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Lani said...

Hi Mr. SiwWy!

It is more than evident that you put significant effort into your project!! You've done a nice job providing your learners with an introductory lesson! And you've laid out the questions and their solutions with indepth explanations.

You mention in your reflection that what you learned might be that DEV is a "soul killer". I'm thinking you've got a great "soul" and I'm wondering if this project didn't really push the boundaries of how well you knew what you thought you knew? Do you think? And then it got scary; that's happened to me when I suddenly had an opportunity to share all I knew in a new way of learning for me in my first online course and I was out of my comfort zone. Have you completed this type of project before? Have you figured out why at one point you feel pretty confident and then suddenly you're not?