Thursday, April 26, 2007

Developing Expert Voices

Here is my Developing Expert Voices project. I know I'm posting it up late, sorry about that. I am so happy that I've completed it! Well it's on my blog. Enjoy.



lani said...

Hi Samus,

Despite the "technology gremlins" who tried to dissuade you from your project, you finished!! Kudos for your perseverance!!

George, his poker game, his illness, his homework and Joung all provided a real world context for your presentation. That is an important consideration in teaching for understanding. Well done!

You mentioned "I think I would have had a better experience if I did not waste so much time." I am wondering in what way? Were you referring to your technical difficulties? How might you approach your project differently knowing what you do now?

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lani for your comment! I appreciate it and all your mentoring. Well I kind of left the project to the side and I thought I had more time to do it. I began the project a week before the due date. I also had time to do DEV in class but I didn't take advantage of it. I also had trouble generating questions. I wanted it to relate to everyday things that math could be in. The most difficult question I made was the one with transformations in it because it took approximatly 3 hours to make the graph since it was so darn small. What I would have done differently is start the project earlier and not push it to the side.

Thanks again,