Sunday, June 10, 2007

Manny published calculus dev

Yeah, finally! About 2 weeks after my set due date, it's finally here. I'm proud.

Here's link for the blog, and enjoy the spresent =], make it full screen for better effectiveness.

my dev blog link

my spresent link


Lani said...

Hi Manny,

Now there's a good teacher with plan a and plan b as you provide two different ways for your learners to access your project-- blog and spresent!

The context--Little Tom-- and the images and background for your first problem are truly engaging!! Well done! As well, the background makes me feel like I'm deep in a pool in question 3. The notebook background for question 2 is a nice touch! The spresent presentation is very tastefully and professionally done!

I'm thinking you've placed your reflection in the center for a particular reason? If indeed that's so, can you share it?

Congratulations on challenging yourself with difficult problems. I'm really interested that you've closed with "Learning is a conversation." Is this because it's one of Mr. K's favorites or are you truly feeling that way?

My very best wishes,

Manny said...

It's true that it is one of Mr.K's favorite quotes or saying, however, I really and truly feel that way. Learning is a conversation. One of the most effective ways for me to learn, and I can say this for my other classmates are the pre-tests or mini-exams. It is where Mr.K gives us these mini-tests that give off the testing atmosphere as they are worth marks but instead of handing it in alone, you are put in random groups. After working on the test alone to see what you can do and know on your own you're given about 15 minutes to work it out with your group members to hand in one paper with all the correct answers. You engage in an educational conversation where each person contributes what they have to say because everyone wants their mark. And that is why I closed with the saying.

Thank you for your comment Lani.