Monday, June 4, 2007

Lindsay's DEV



Lani said...

Hi Lindsay,

First, I really enjoyed the music, alot! Somehow Tchaikovsky and math seem to go together extremely well for me!

Your backgrounds, your chunking of your solutions and annotations, the wonderful context of your problems (Jimmy, Sandcastle Grandmaster, Lopper Leprechaun's Safe, Dorothy Saves the Desert, Mimoo's Mushroom Roast), and your very quaint drawings --all contribute to a creative, and engaging presentation! You have indeed made math fun!! I think I like Dorothy and Lopper best.

You mention in your reflection that if you relate something you like doing to math, you'll find it more worthwhile. I'm wondering if you might find that true for all learning?

Kudos!! Your time, energy and creativity were well spent!

My very best wishes,

lindsay said...

thanks lani!

I thought math and Tchaikovsky went well too! I decided that maybe a sooothing kind of music will even out with the the very bright backgrounds I had.

My favourite calculus story was Mimoo. I had a fantastic time drawing my characters! =)

In my reflection, I did say that if I relate something I like while doing math is more worthwhile. I didn't realize that I find it true for learning in general. I think if everyone can balance things this way, there will be more people wanting to learn!